COVID-19 Patient Recovery Campaign

Mankato Clinic
the problem
How to nurture patients back to care

Early in the COVID-19 crisis, patients were asked to hold off on routine and non-emergent care. As more was discovered about the virus and safety measures were put in place, access to care began to open up. However, patients continued to stay away from health care facilities, including those patients served by our long-time client Mankato Clinic.

The reluctance of patients to return to care caused two enormous problems:

  • 1. Appointments for chronic disease management, screenings, vaccinations and well-child visits were being missed, sometimes to the detriment of patient health.
  • 2. Important patient care revenue was being lost.

We had to get this campaign right for the health of Mankato Clinic patients—and the clinic itself.

Campaign Landing Page

Computer with image
Screen shot of website page

Physician Spokesperson Video

Patient Videos


the strategic solution

Prepared and protected

Besides Mankato Clinic personas (including young moms through seniors with grandchildren), we needed to make a connection with the broader regional audience in the four rural Minnesota communities Mankato Clinic serves.

Our approach included driving our audiences to a multi-purpose landing page that:

  • Acknowledged patients’ fears head-on.
  • Used video to visually demonstrate the safety protocols in place.
  • Provided options for both in-person and virtual visits.
  • Made it Amazon-like easy to schedule an appointment.
the results

The whole community was watching

Early results showed:

2.2% Engagement Rate
beating industry benchmarks for social engagement

35,000 YouTube Video Visits
In the first 2 weeks of launch, for a clinic system serving 25,000

45% Social Video
Expanded Facebook and Instagram Stories accounted for almost half of total impressions