Mike Seyfer, Partner | CEO

always improve

What could you be doing better? It’s a challenge Mike poses to himself and clients alike in an ongoing process of improvement that’s at the core of Hailey Sault. As well as running the company, he heads an integrated marketing team working with healthcare and nonprofit organizations leading the transformation of healthcare in America. His primary role: help stakeholders translate business objectives into marketing strategies curated from research and insight, then developed into brands and integrated communications. In order to make that happen, he’s invested in giving back for the continued healthy improvement of his team—at Hailey Sault, in the community and at home. And that means staying just a little bit fanatical about the great outdoors, golf and chasing kids around the backyard. After all, how else can you get better?

What’s his Hailey Sault?

Glad you asked. Here’s the story.