What would happen if health care innovators and leaders from across the country got together for two days to share solutions to fixing our broken health care system? It happened at The Believe in Better Project 2018 and it is going to happen again in 2019. This year, The Believe in Better Project will take place Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17, and we’d like you to join us.

Until then, we invite you to view videos from our inspiring 2018 speakers. You won’t look at health care the same way after you learn about the important work they are doing every day.

Watch as Caspar Szulc shares why traditional medicine shouldn’t be afraid of change.

Dream big, do better, don’t be afraid of change. The mission of Caspar Szulc’s company, Innovative Medicine in New York City, is to go beyond the mainstream approach to medicine by leading the way in unifying and personalizing the practice. As the child of a physician who was on a quest to find a better way to practice medicine, Caspar was exposed to countless different therapeutic modalities from around the world. He shares his story and how it changed his view of medicine.


  • Why those in medicine should check their egos at the door and collaborate with one another.
  • Why instead of asking the question, “What do I do for disease X?” we should be asking, “Why do I have disease X?”
  • The three focal points of creating better health outcomes for patients, which include personalization, unification and healing.

Watch Casper’s video and his follow up Q & A Session. Explore additional videos from our 2018 speakers.

Return to The Believe in Better Project site for news about this year’s speakers and plan to join us Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17.