Why Do Patients Switch Providers?

Our research* shows 1 in 5 patients are poised to change providers. What will you do as a health care marketing leader to attract and retain customers? Start by understanding the top 2 reasons people switch.

Cost transparency: 
Confusion breeds distrust. Our data shows that helping people understand out-of-pocket costs can make or break your relationship.

Compassionate care:
Patients tell us they want to be heard, respected and understood. They want a health partner, not a casual acquaintance.

*About #WhyPatientsSwitch 2017
A partnership between Hailey Sault and Frank N. Magid Associates, the third annual study:

  • Used focus group insights to create an online questionnaire that surveyed 1,100 consumers in three markets spanning the East Coast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest
  • Assessed generational differences between Millennials, Gen X and Boomers
  • Probed the choice drivers, experiences and media behavior of health care decision makers

Together in this report, the studies offer a singular, definable understanding of why patients change providers, and how they make those decisions. The research highlights:

  • How quality “care” looks and feels
  • What percentage of patients are actively considering switching providers
  • How costs affect their decisions
  • Qualities patients find both highly desirable, and highly unique in searching for a provider
  • Those moments when patients are looking to make a change
  • The best channels for connecting with patients (generational-specific)

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