Why Do Patients Switch Providers?


Our research* shows 1 in 5 patients are poised to change providers. What will you do as a health care marketing leader to attract and retain customers? Start by understanding the top 2 reasons people switch.

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Cost transparency: 
Confusion breeds distrust. Our data shows that helping people understand out-of-pocket costs can make or break your relationship.

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Compassionate care:
Patients tell us they want to be heard, respected and understood. They want a health partner, not a casual acquaintance.

50% more people are shopping for providers—or considering switching—than just three years ago.

These exclusive insights allow you to:

  • See the data that mines the attitudes, preferences and behavioral trends impacting the bottom line of providers nationwide.
  • View the firsthand accounts and key take-aways for insight into shaping customer experience and building brand love.
  • Understand the provider qualities and communications channels your patients prefer—on a generational basis.
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3 ways to download the report and use the research to your advantage.

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#WhyPatientsSwitch instant download: PDF + PowerPoint Document

Our latest consumer research can start you on the path to success. See the data, hear patient accounts from across the U.S., and get synthesized analysis for taking the next steps to retaining and attracting customers.


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Instant downloads + consultation with Hailey Sault.

In addition to #WhyPatientsSwitch, you gain access to our marketing team to go deeper into the research and apply the context of your unique market. This daylong consultation and strategy session looks at your needs and what can be done, right now.
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Instant downloads + full-service consultation.

Looking to tailor the research to your unique situation and reach a targeted goal? Turn this proprietary research into clear ROI with a full-service communications consultation that includes 30–40 days of consulting with 3–4 strategy concepts as deliverables. Travel costs not included.

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*About #WhyPatientsSwitch 2017
A partnership between Hailey Sault and Frank N. Magid Associates, the third annual study:

  • Used focus group insights to create an online questionnaire that surveyed 1,100 consumers in three markets spanning the East Coast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest
  • Assessed generational differences between Millennials, Gen X and Boomers
  • Probed the choice drivers, experiences and media behavior of health care decision makers

Together in this report, the studies offer a singular, definable understanding of why patients change providers, and how they make those decisions. The research highlights:

  • How quality “care” looks and feels
  • What percentage of patients are actively considering switching providers
  • How costs affect their decisions
  • Qualities patients find both highly desirable, and highly unique in searching for a provider
  • Those moments when patients are looking to make a change
  • The best channels for connecting with patients (generational-specific)