It’s time to RISE

The Opportunity Gap is not an easy fix. As a community, it requires raising awareness that a problem exists. With more awareness and more ways of working together, we create more opportunities. For more people and organizations to join the effort. For more children and families to rise.

A toolkit for public awareness and engagement. A toolkit for change.
Using research-based materials vetted in a test market, this toolkit is designed to help you raise awareness, get people talking and drive meaningful action.

Toolkit Contents

Based on an original initiative by the Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation, the Opportunity Rising tools are being used to help communities face the realities and inequities of the American opportunity gap—in respectful, honest ways—and start vital conversations to foster opportunities for all children and families to rise. It’s why 20 percent of all Toolkit proceeds will go to the Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation Opportunity Rising scholarship fund. 

The elements in this toolkit are designed to give you the structure and components to launch an effective communications campaign and engaging community event in your market. Used together, the sections of the toolkit aim to educate, inspire meaningful dialogue and motivate action that ranges from volunteering and donating to mentoring, partnering and presenting/storytelling.

General Materials icon

General Campaign Materials: 

Description & Guidelines
The Issue
Vision Statement
The Promise
Graphics & Fonts
Stock Photography
Promise card & display
Video template

Kickoff Even icon

Community Kickoff Event:

PR materials
Print Ads
Agenda & Promise sheets
Table Hosts packet

Public Awareness icon

Public Awareness Marketing:

Campaign Timeline & Rollout Recommendations
Television & Digital Video template
Print Ads
Social Media Posts

When we rise for our kids, we all rise.

More and more children are growing up in a separate and unequal America. Some have increasing opportunities. Others do not. The gap between them keeps growing, reflecting a division that stifles human potential for individuals and communities alike. It’s one of the most pressing issues in America today.

Toolkit Preview

The design elements and messaging allow for a consistent, memorable look and tone—even while content details (such as the number of children living in poverty in your region) are tailored to your market and branded with your community foundation and/or affiliated partners. See the campaign in action.

Put it into practice. An initial consultation is offered to guide your organization through the use of the toolkit and materials. For help in further customizing the campaign, contact us for: tailored creative content, Web development, video production, media consulting, public relations, event planning, speaker training and more.

Cost: The Toolkit is offered for $8,000 to help community foundations and other public interest groups affordably launch this important campaign. With each purchase, 20% of the proceeds will go to the Duluth-Superior Community Foundation Opportunity Rising scholarship fund. 

Please note that the toolkit includes recommendations only for fonts and stock photography, which may require additional purchase.

To preview the toolkit, discuss the campaign or inquire further, please contact us at: 218.728.3651 or

Families with children living in poverty increased to 18% in 2015. 

Who will lead your community’s conversation?
Every community needs a champion. Odds are, you have many different groups in your community striving to make a difference in the face of the opportunity gap. But who is bringing everyone together with a united message? Who’s leading the call to action that reaches broader audiences, engages people who need to know more, and inspires involvement that advances our shared cause? Your organization can.