Human Connection

We work with brands across the country to deliver patient acquisition, engagement and advocacy. But the way we do it, in our process and as people, is why we achieve remarkable results.

It’s an empathetic yet data-driven, artful yet scientific way of doing things. With human-centered personas and patient journey mapping, we allow deep insight to guide carefully crafted messaging. With strategic creative and agile media optimization, we continue to listen, refine and respond. So we can connect better with your audiences, and help them feel better connected with you.


Creating a healthier world

Our work is about improving lives. As individuals, we enthusiastically pursue what makes us feel healthy. As a company of diverse creative people, we feel an intense responsibility to engage audiences in honest ways, so they can be healthy too. That’s the Hailey Sault difference: we genuinely care about client success. Because your values and causes have a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives. Helping you reach goals gives our work meaning. Our values reflect a passion to learn and do more. We’re curious (about everything), bringing genuine openness and respect for all, and an unceasing ambition to fearlessly meet every challenge head-on.

Better begins here.

Hailey Idaho and Sault France


Hailey Sault

Welcome to the pursuit. Imagine a place where your soul is soothed and your spirit comes alive. More than a place, it’s an experience. That’s the heart and soul of Hailey Sault. For each of us, there’s a journey worth taking. To reach a more fulfilling destination—as an individual or organization—it’s essential to take stock of your values and purpose; assess where you’ve been and envision exactly where you want to go. That’s what our process is all about: arriving in better destinations, in better ways.

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For Mike Seyfer, it’s Hailey, Idaho.

Tucked in the sun-splashed Wood River valley of central Idaho, Hailey is a meeting place for small town values, big city amenities and rugged outdoor adventure. It represents simple, honest good times with his family: a fresh air, full-of-life mountain setting that always brings out their best.

For Marsha Hystead, it’s Sault, France.

On the rim of the Alps in France’s famed Provence region, the village of Sault is an oasis for healthy living and lavender lovers. Marsha always dreamt of traveling here. When she finally made it, climbing around a mountain lookout to take in the vast summer succulence of fields in full bloom, that moment with her husband and children was pure magic.

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