Hailey Sault Fall Digital Workshops

6 Days of Masterclasses to Inform and Inspire Your Health Care Marketing

October 1–December 3, 2021

Friday, October 1

Digital Foundation: Know Your Numbers

Our fall Digital Workshops will focus on digital transformation to achieve better and more consistent results. But you can’t expect transformation without first knowing your numbers: the metrics, KPIs and benchmarks that guide digital marketing efforts.  

In this foundational workshop, we’ll share the key metrics we monitor and measure for digital media buys, industry benchmarks for performance, and the key data points that inform effective strategy. 

12-12:45 PM ET | 11-11:45 AM CT | 9-9:45 AM PT

Person standing on van gazing at the stars
Friday, October 8

Digital Transformation: Better Digital Personas, Better Results

The most essential—but often the most overlooked—strategy in developing effective digital campaigns is the audience persona: a data-informed blueprint that defines whom you want to engage.  

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to build human-centered audience personas that inform all aspects of your campaign strategies: from targeting, to channel selection, messaging, and conversion points.  

12-12:45 PM ET | 11-11:45 AM CT | 9-9:45 AM PT

Friday, October 15

Digital Transformation: Mapping Digital Journeys

Your consumer audiences are on journeys to find the right health care solutions. Do you know how to map the key inflection points to intercept, engage and convert your desired audiences on digital platforms? 

In this workshop, we’ll share how to map digital consumer journeys: from trigger events through brand advocacy. You’ll also gain insights on how to personalize messaging and experiences to achieve higher engagement and conversions. 

12-12:45 PM ET | 11-11:45 AM CT | 9-9:45 AM PT

Friday, November 5

Digital Transformation: Data-Driven Storytelling

Good data should tell a story: what’s working in your campaigns and strategies, what could be working better, and where to devote resources for the highest return on investment. 

In this workshop, we’ll share approaches to transform digital marketing data into storytelling experiences that guide strategy and resonate for you and your stakeholders. 

12-12:45 PM ET | 11-11:45 AM CT | 9-9:45 AM PT

Friday, November 19

Digital Transformation: Digital Brand Experiences

Digital campaigns that move the needle do so by touching the heart. 

In this workshop, we’ll share ways to expand the impact of your brand in digital channels to create connected experiences with your key audiences that lead to engagement and acquisition.

12-12:45 PM ET | 11-11:45 AM CT | 9-9:45 AM PT

Friday, December 3

Digital Transformation: Digital Media Trends to Watch

2022 is right around the corner: do you know what digital marketing trends to watch and leverage?

In this workshop, we’ll share the top trends to have on your radar for 2022, and how to leverage what’s new and what’s next with digital marketing for the year ahead. 

12-12:45 PM ET | 11-11:45 AM CT | 9-9:45 AM PT

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