Generation Z is comprised of people born after 1996. They have a buying power of $143 billion, and are well on track to becoming the largest generation of consumers by 2020.

85% of Generation Z is on social media, and are 59% more likely than previous generations to connect with brands on social media. The challenge? Generation Z has an attention span of only 8 seconds. Having grown up bridging the gap between a young Millennial or older Generation Z, I know as well as anyone. With a generation as robust as this, health care marketers should understand how Generation Zers interact with—and impact—brands like health care.

Here are four  things to know about Generation Z  to engage and impact them with your health care brand.

1. Ditch the stereotype.

Before you try to market to Generation Z, you should ditch the stereotype that they are a  generation with a social media addiction, a screen obsession, and a lack of focus.

Their digital intelligence should be embraced, rather than discarded. Grace Masback, a renowned voice for her generation, does a wonderful job expressing this in her book, The Voice of Gen Z. Understanding the Attitudes & Attributes of America’s Next “Greatest Generation, by stating:

“The key to understanding Gen Z is that we’ve taken the notoriously short attention span of millennials and reduced it further, not because we can’t dive deep into topics, but because as technology or digital “natives” we’ve spent our whole lives training to engage with the constantly changing technology landscape, and can process digital content with amazing speed.”

You should no longer look at their 8-second attention span as a lack of focus, but as an impressively fast digital processing time. Once you ditch the negative stereotypes of Generation Z, you will be able to effectively target the digital mediums needed to reach this generation.