After over 45 years of experience working with some of the best in the business we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a truly great healthcare marketer. Beside grit, determination, a wicked sense of humor and the uncanny ability to assuage an ego or two, the qualities we’ve come to appreciate in some of the greats we’ve worked with include:

A Point of View

Great marketers know who they are—they have a set of beliefs and a value system. They are not complacent or indifferent and they certainly don’t hold back when expressing their point of view.


They are passionate. They have a vision and a plan, but they also have the ability to shift course quickly when they realize they are off track.


They think critically, ask questions, reframe problems and challenge current beliefs and mindsets (including their own). They celebrate successes and view failure as a path to insight.

Open Minded

They are open to working in an industry that is constantly changing, that presents intense challenges and powerful new and untested marketing opportunities.


They are restless, curious and fearless and ask themselves and their team, “What can we do better?”

A Partner

They realize they can’t do it all, so they engage skilled partners they can trust and rely on to deliver winning strategies.

A Challenger

They are always ready to overcome unbeatable odds. They are prepared to take their healthcare facility to the next level with help. They are ready to do the work that needs to be done to stand up and stand out.