The healthcare landing page—let’s get right into why you need it and how to effectively create it. 

Why you need a landing page

Let’s say you’re running an orthopedics campaign. Your goal is to increase appointments. If you’re sending your audience to your homepage, you’re missing a huge opportunity. What do they do when they click on your homepage? Is it immediately apparent or do they need to search for a button or click on a rotator? Where do they go from there? Sending your target audience to a well-designed landing page lets them know immediately what you want them to do. Not having to search means your audience is more likely to convert.

Your landing page objectives

The first thing your landing page needs is a goal. After that the page should:

  • clearly identify with your brand
  • separate you from the competition
  • explain why your audience should choose you
  • give your audience a reason to return
  • generate a profile of your visitor so that you can deliver relevant follow-up materials
Designing your landing page

Minimalism is key—the simpler, the better. For most people, it’s hard enough to click on your banner ad or an email link to your landing page. Once they get to your page, there must be no confusion. They must be greeted by your brand and exactly what you want them to do. Go ahead and include the same style header on your website in your landing page, but remove the main navigation. If you include your homepage main navigation, you’re giving people too many options and distracting from the main goal of the page—your call to action. Your logo will be on the page, which can link to your homepage. People are savvy enough to know they simply need to click on your logo if they want to get to the homepage.

Create a clear call to action—this is the most important element on your landing page. It should be bold and colorful. The message should be clear. Too much text is a problem with calls to action and on some landing pages overall. If you’re having a hard time finding a clear and simple message, ask yourself what you want the user to take from your landing page and why. Be transparent and not complex. Don’t include unnecessary information.

Every click from your orthopedics campaign, or any other campaign you’re running, must land somewhere. And when those clicks land on a well-designed landing page they will lead to conversions and action—and ultimately to a continued relationship.