In a perfect world, every marketer in your health care organization would be a data geek, with access to all the statistics they needed to make effective digital marketing decisions—as well as the analytical skills to use all that data. But this is the real world where health care marketers have little time to “geek out” on data. They’re too busy treading water to keep up with all the needs and requests coming their way.

That’s why we’re here, “getting our geek on” for you, with:

  1. A deep understanding of digital metrics.
  2. The ability to determine which metrics will provide valuable insights.
  3. The skill to drill down to the most valuable performance data points.
  4. The capacity to take action on those insights.

Just a little geeky background

In order to make smart decisions, you need smart data and that smart data comes from dashboards, reports and ad hoc requests. They are the reporting arm of your digital marketing strategy and measure key performance indicators like clicks, click through rates, impressions, conversions, keyword quality scores, cost per click, total spend and more.

Successful health care marketing dashboards

There are two types of dashboards—operational and analytical. Operational dashboards tell you if you’re on target today. Analytical dashboards set targets for tomorrow. Dashboards give you a quick snapshot of how you’re tracking against goals. The benefits of implementing a successful operational or analytical dashboard include:

  • insights into consumer behavior
  • ensuring your goals are being met
  • saving money

Dashboards are best used for real-time analysis and provide information that allows us to make changes if needed—and to act on those changes before a campaign ends.

Effective reports

No two reports are the same. A good report will tell a detailed story on the state of a campaign. Reports are best when customized and used to provide an overall picture of the campaign. They provide details on consumer activity during a certain period of time.

Applicable ad hoc requests

Ad hoc requests answer the question, “Why is this happening?” They are formed after looking at the data and analyzing “what” happened. Many times ad hoc requests involve A/B testing. They are very effective at finding details about the consumer journey. The benefits of ad hoc requests include:

  • researching theories
  • developing new metrics for success
  • diving deeper into smaller data sets

Data driven decisions

Geeking out on data is what drives digital campaign success. It tells us what healthcare consumers are truly connecting with and responding to, as well as how they are choosing to take action. Being geeks is our job and as your marketing partner it informs the decisions we make. It ensures we are driving consumers’ choice and making the most out of every digital campaign we produce for you.

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