Watch our Campfire Session on Healing Caregiver Burnout to Thrive Beyond COVID-19. Or read below for key takeaways from our webinar event!

In a study of 1,000+ health care providers, conducted by The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE), 34.5 percent of providers reported symptoms and feelings of burnout going into the COVID-19 crisis. In the midst of this crisis, 75.5 percent of those same providers reported feeling burned out.

On 4/24/20 William Maples, MD, a founder of IHE and Jennifer Krippner, Chief Experience Officer at IHE, joined Mike and Stephen to discuss fighting burnout now and post-COVID. 

As background, Dr. Maples practiced medical oncology for 25 years at Mayo Clinic and helped lead the Mayo Clinic’s quality, safety, and experience journey. Today, he leads IHE, where he and the faculty work with health care organizations to nurture the relational skills necessary to create a culture that embraces trust, respect, compassion, and teamwork. This, in turn, creates an environment where quality, safety, and efficiency efforts flourish. 

Jennifer Krippner is a leading expert on patient experience and relationship-centered care. She has more than 20 years of expertise in strategic planning, patient experience, physician development, and employee/community engagement. 

This week, we discussed:

  • How teams are showing up and confronting the stress, exhaustion and emotional trauma presented by COVID-19.
  • How realities like lack of supplies, shifting teams and partnerships, poor processes, fear of not being able to provide appropriate care, negative emotions and strained relationships are contributing factors to burnout right now.
  • How providers are dealing with the fear of contracting the virus and the reality of having to care for and even resuscitate colleagues who have contracted the virus.
  • The guilt felt by providers who are not on the frontlines of care.
  • The economic impact of the crisis on health care facilities.
  • The need to furlough those not on the frontlines.
  • How to lead and keep a human centered direction at this time.
  • The solutions to leading health care teams through this crisis being offered by IHE.


  • There was a problem with provider burnout before COVID-19. The virus has only intensified the issue.
  • After this pandemic, leadership cannot ask its providers to come back and perform at their peak. Work needs to be done to care for those who have been operating in survival mode.
  • Leaders must have a proactive plan in place—How will you ensure your teams can heal physically and emotionally?  How will you rekindle or create a culture of trust, respect, compassion and teamwork?
  • There is an opportunity to lead your organization through this “noble fight,” as Dr. Maples describes it, with compassion and grace.

Moving forward

As we think about this time we’re in, now more than ever, we need ideas, insights, and community. We hope our weekly Campfire Sessions are providing the conversations you are craving about the issues and opportunities facing your health care organization and its leaders. 

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