According to a Harvard Business Review study, an astounding 89% of marketers rely on their gut feeling when making campaign decisions—what we like to call the art of marketing. And while this art is alive and well in creative marketers with years of experience, there is a smarter way—a way to test that gut instinct by leveraging data and analytics to conceptualize and execute campaigns that turn the “maybes” of gut feelings into the “certainties” that ultimately lead to campaign glory.

Recently, Hailey Sault conducted research on the power of A/B variable testing, also called split testing. The practice takes two versions of a piece of content and runs them simultaneously to equally sized audiences to determine which works better. A/B testing can be used to test every component of online marketing materials you think might impact results—the position of different elements on your website, the times of day, day of the week for sending emails, colors, calls to action, headlines and copy length.

Hailey Sault extensively tested the subject headline in an ongoing email campaign and the accompanying landing page elements, including a call to action. The results were significant and immediate.

Results showed an increase in email opens of 66%, with visits to the website increasing by 52%. Quality of traffic also improved with a conversion rate that grew by 14%. 

The email list in this study was 3,000 names. The resulting increases projected over the next year could result in 7,500 additional email opens and 600 additional landing page clicks.

We believe that the art of marketing will always be important, but only if used alongside data and analytics—using numbers and metrics to back up gut and intuition. Gut-feel is the thinking in marketing. Analytics is the knowing. Marketing leaders are looking for measurable results. Marketers who test are more likely to have success. We can’t say it enough: when you test, you improve your results. And it’s those results that lead to campaign glory.

Do you have A/B variable testing in place for your online campaigns, email campaigns and landing pages?  Contact us to talk about your organization’s plans and how you can use testing to increase conversions, landing page optimization and more to reach your goals.