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Presenting a new series that offers snapshots of freshly-made creative campaigns hatched in the age of COVID-19. Amid our evolving new health care realities, we’re all looking for ideas, inspiration, innovation and adaptation. Here’s a look at recent work, with insights from the team that created it. 

The Campaign: You’re Safe at Mankato Clinic

Mankato Clinic was ready to start seeing patients again. But many consumers had legitimate concerns of safety returning to the health system for care after COVID-19.  We developed a campaign strategy to show audiences exactly how they’d be protected during a visit—and the virtual ways they could access care, too. 

The take-away, says Laurie O’Melia O’Neill, Hailey Sault VP Senior Strategist, is that “Mankato Clinic has got you covered, so don’t delay your care.”

Campaign Landing Page

View the Campaign Landing Page:

Computer with image

COVID-19 created uncertainties for all of us in all kinds of ways. We sought to counter that with a clear sense of certainty about clinic care and safety protocols. 

We built a web space for this trusted brand that made it easy to access care—in person or virtually, for whatever specialty a patient needed. 

Text on website

Many health system websites are challenging for consumers to navigate. “We wanted to create a simple, one-click option for prospective patients to learn more about the key services that they needed,” says Joe Gunderson, Hailey Sault director of visual identity. 

Videos on website

We also continued educating the consumer audience about how to access virtual care. In times of health crisis and uncertainty, we wanted to communicate as efficiently as possible. 


We knew from decades of patient research that physicians continue to be the trusted source of medical information for patients. That’s why we asked Mankato Clinic physicians to communicate with prospective patients about what their experience would be when they returned for care.


We followed the “Show Don’t Tell” formula to communicate the safety protocols in place to keep Mankato Clinic patients safe. 


The digital campaign engaged several different audience personas. We tested four messaging groupings, including one with the clinic’s branding position, “Together we thrive,” and others that reinforced how families are protected during their visits. 

“We’d previously developed key personas for Mankato Clinic, and we always keep the persona in mind as we develop messaging and ads,” Denise Burgess, senior writer, says. “This allows us to tap into the emotional triggers that will motivate our audiences to click on an ad and take an action, like making an appointment.”

Digital ad with runner

Digital ad with masked provider

Digital ads with masked provider

Digital ads with young boy

“Each digital element also had different visual triggers to entice message retention and action based on the media,” Joe says. “Every opportunity to inform and transition to the landing page was implemented.”


Woman in front of sunrise and masked provider

Instagram ad on phone





“For :30 TV, we guided the scripts, voiced by physicians, by working together with the team at Mankato Clinic,” Joe says. 


“The most important part of the campaign was how quickly we responded to the client’s needs,” Joe says. 

From late April into early May, we planned, coordinated and executed the campaign with the Mankato Clinic. And we did it despite the client and videographer working remotely, as were we. To do that, we created additional communication materials (not pictured here) for our teams to make it easier to co-create. 

“Our clients deal with trust in health care. And this campaign was all about fostering trust,” Joe says about the teams working remotely together to create the campaign, and about the medical teams and patients who needed care. 

“Now more than ever, we need to be responsive to the challenges our clients are facing,” Laurie says. “When we launch campaigns, our work is still just beginning. We then work with our client to monitor performance, optimize, and adjust if needed.”


The campaign recently launched, but early reporting is trending for favorable engagement for our desired patient audiences.

Highlights include:

  • Above average Click-Through Rates (CTR) for Digital Display
  • Above average social media engagement rates (2.2%)
  • More than 35,000 video views on YouTube at less than $.05 per view
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories are significantly helping to increase reach across the platforms

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