Do you ever question the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy?

As social platforms constantly evolve and change, so should we as marketers—in order to best reach and engage with our audiences.

It’s easy to get lost in the routine of planning content and not re-visit strategic goals and ways to optimize your social media marketing. This kind of routine can lead to commonly missed opportunities. As with all mistakes, the first step is becoming aware of them. Take a look as we review the top social media mistakes you should avoid as a health care marketer, and what you can start doing about them.

Q&A with digital strategist Brittney Hanson and content strategist Lindsey Edson

B:  Today we are talking about some of the big mistakes that we see health care brands making in social media.

L:  I  know one is a great opportunity for some health care marketers to leverage their evergreen content. If there is content—whether it be blog, using email, social or on the website—that is not time sensitive, is still relevant for your audience, there is still an opportunity to re-purpose that,  repackage it in a way with new images and copy, to make that content work a little harder for you.

B:  Yes, so basically it’s not: posted out on Facebook, on Twitter twice, on Instagram and then call it a day, right?

L:  Right. Let’s talk about targeting.

B:  (This is) another missed opportunity or mistake that health care brands are making. Obviously you have a Facebook page, you have Twitter, and they’re trying to reach a broad audience for different service lines. Even though (for example) a male liker of your page or a male follower of your page is probably not going to be as receptive to content talking about mammograms. You can take advantage of the native targeting within the platform.

L:  Sometimes it is easy to schedule a post, leave it and forget it. And often a missed opportunity is to engage with your followers. See who’s liking it, who is reacting or responding, commenting, and participate in the conversation—just to increase your engagement level and humanize your brand.

B:  Using it as a loyalty tool as well as a customer service tool. I think there’s huge opportunity for a lot of health care brands, a lot of our clients, to take advantage of that as a 1:1 means of reaching your target audience, reaching your customer, and really turning them into a loyal advocate for your brand.

B:  So we have many more ideas of mistakes made by health care brands in social media, but  this video has probably gone on long enough. So we can cut it short!

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