What goes into estimating your healthcare marketing campaign?

You may wonder how we determine what it will take to plan your campaign’s concept and strategy. Or, how we come up with the numbers for writing, designing, shooting photography or video. How about what it will cost to integrate the elements of your campaign into your website with a dedicated landing page and optimization.

I’d like to tell you it’s a very simple and scientific process. But it’s more like one of those “two trains leave the station at different times” math problems, than A + B = C.

Creating a solid, realistic budget

Many overlapping steps go into estimating/budgeting here at Hailey Sault. The first and most important, though, remains knowing what the objective of your campaign is and how much you are willing to commit to achieving that objective. After we know that vital information, the next steps involve allocating the funds and determining the resources needed to get the job done right, and include:

  • Meeting with the account strategist, creative director and depending on the project, the writer, art director and connection strategist.
  • Discussing exactly what the project entails, i.e., how many elements are going to be involved with the project or campaign?
  • Determining the “team” working on the project.
  • Ironing out the details of the project—are there printed pieces, direct mail, print ads, TV, social media, digital media, etc.?

Then comes the tricky part

  • How much time will it take to do the project and each element of the project/campaign?
  • Many times we can look back at a similar project to determine whether the scope is the same or vastly different. Oftentimes we can use a previous project’s budget as a guide; however, more often than not the budget will need adjusting.
  • Each person in an agency has a set billable rate and that is calculated by the number of hours each person involved with the project will need.
  • We have to take into consideration all factors: how many changes are there going to be on each element of the project/campaign and are they likely to be significant or minor, is there going to be a press check for a printed piece and how much time might that entail?

It is imperative to be as accurate as possible. Creating a marketing campaign estimate is a balancing act, just like solving the “two trains leave the station” problem. The last thing we want is for the project to derail before it gets going.

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