As you head into 2016, it’s time to take stock. Have you grown this past year? Did you meet all your goals? Did you finally sneak out of the shadows of the big guy in your market? Or, are you scrambling? Playing catch-up? Reacting?

What do you want in 2016—market share growth, new volume, or outshining your competition? More importantly, do you really have what it takes to get there? Can you be a champion? If so, we’re your partner.  We turn healthcare challengers into champions. Our secret—momentum.

Successful challenger brands can never be static. It takes fearlessness—the will to zig when everyone else is zagging. It takes big ideas. It’s about raising your voice in the market. Being bold and getting noticed in all the right ways.

Are you ready to move forward and create the momentum that will make 2016 your year? Take a look at some award-winning work we’ve done for others and give us a call. We’re up for a challenge.


Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC), a nonprofit healthcare facility, was an inner city hospital with a failing reputation.  The biggest challenge?  JCMC’s marketing did not reflect the medical center’s renewal.

One word stood out to us:  Triumph.  It represented the progress the medical center had made (against remarkable odds) toward becoming one of the best hospitals in the country.


Independent community needs assessments showed a region in Wisconsin with higher than average levels of chronic disease, obesity and prevalent poor health behaviors. Sister hospitals came to us with the challenge to create a three-year community wellness initiative to reverse their higher than average numbers and help the people in the region become healthier.

“Go Chippewa Valley” was born. This campaign featured content with a look and tone that was non-judgmental and non-threatening, fun and designed to build a long-lasting healthy living movement.

See more and learn how our proven process has delivered results again and again. Then let’s talk. Mike Seyfer at

A new year is on the way and the possibilities are endless.