The production of great, creative healthcare marketing requires a superhuman-like attention to detail, insane organizational skills and constant multi-tasking. As the ideas flow here at Hailey Sault—about the opening of a new cancer center, the next primary care campaign, how to raise employee morale, physician recruitment, the annual report or any number of service line pushes—our resource manager is ever vigilant about:

  • assigning the right team to the right project
  • keeping big creative ideas on budget
  • monitoring all timelines
  • ensuring outside production costs are in line

You could say our resource manager is your marketing department’s behind-the-scenes best friend. You may not ever meet her, but she’s the person who owns your project the moment it comes into Hailey Sault. Because she has an excellent understanding of each creative’s professional aptitudes and a keen knowledge of the timing involved to accomplish assigned tasks, she knows who needs to work on your project. She decides your project’s schedule and what resources will be needed to get the deliverables to you on time. And, she is the person who raises red flags when any part of the process of getting you excellent work goes awry.

As the hub of all things created at Hailey Sault, our resource manager works with every person at the agency—from account management to accounting and the creative department.

The right team, the best work, on budget and on time, delivered to you to create the ROI you need—it all starts with our resource manager.

By the way, meet Denise Archer, our resource manager.