How do you engage targeted patient populations, empower front-line hospital employees and amplify communication with both employees and patients?

As challengers to a leading national health care brand, Hospital Sisters Health System’s Sacred Heart Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital turned to the emotive power of video and the targeted efficiency of digital to make an unprecedented impact—in a year when marketing budgets were decreased by thirty percent.

At the June, 14 and 15, 2016 Hospital Marketing National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia—Becky Swanson, divisional director of marketing Hospital Sisters Health System and Mardy Maki, senior strategist at Hailey Sault—will present a challenger brand case study about how these digital videos created a human connection and brought the two hospitals from zero to 200,000 views in just three months.

They will:

  • Review data, which demonstrates that the inclusion of video biographies leads to a significantly higher likelihood to select a given healthcare organization.
  • Cover the hospitals’ focus group research, which revealed that individuals want to know more about their potential care provider, beyond the typical biography. Particularly Millennials, who prefer to be engaged digitally, but also crave a human connection.
  • Talk about the results of an employee survey, which discovered that a quickly changing healthcare environment was taking its toll on morale.
  • Discuss how the marketing department reacted to the morale issue by extending an open invitation to staff to participate in videos featuring front-line staff.
  • Reveal how the buzz created internally by the openness and inclusive approach of the marketing department resulted in more than ten days of caregiver video interviews.
  • Review how the resulting caregiver videos encouraged dialogue between patients and employees while increasing the overall positive sentiment.
  • Share results that include increased views, increased visits to the website for key pages, and an increase in downloads from the website. Increases in positive sentiment both online in comments and in reviews for the hospitals. And a shift in employee engagement as a result of the staff’s active involvement in shooting the videos.

Attendees will learn:

  1. To challenge the traditional media status quo through an aggressive shift to digital that yields results.
  2. To transform organization obstacles into opportunities for creativity and storytelling that move them forward.
  3. That the strongest connection with their patients often starts with the engagement of their staff.

We invite you to attend this year’s Hospital Marketing Conference in Altanta and hear more about Creating a Human Connection through Digital Marketing from Hailey Sault’s Mardy Maki and HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s hospital’s Becky Swanson.