Digital is big and it’s only going to get bigger—especially for healthcare. The following statistics from Google Think can’t be ignored:

  • of patients who found hospitals on their mobile devices, 44 percent scheduled appointments
  • on a daily basis, roughly 1/3 of patients use tablets or mobile devices to research and/or to book appointments

What does going digital mean to a healthcare organization like yours? Done right, it means being closely attuned to how the patient decision journey evolves, as well as understanding how patient behaviors and expectations develop both inside and outside of healthcare. It means getting ahead of trends that can deliver or destroy value.

It requires providing content and experiences that are personalized and relevant to the patient. (And nothing is more relevant or meaningful for a patient than having the information he or she seeks at the moment of need—particularly when searching for a physician, healthcare advice or information about a diagnosis.)

Implementing a digital plan involves 360 degree thinking and working with your agency to:

  • conduct customer research to gain valuable patient experience insights
  • align marketing objectives with budget and tactics
  • inject testing and analytics into every phase of your messaging
  • align every aspect of your marketing from your website, content, digital efforts and your traditional marketing

It involves bringing your marketing team and leadership together to form a vision for what success looks like. It takes the ability to proactively react to how patients are interacting with your brand and to move quickly to modify those interactions to improve the experience if needed.

Today, the patient journey is becoming more and more a digital journey. What can you do to get on board quickly? Contact us to talk about how you can successfully “go digital” in 2016.