By the end of this year, the Baby Boom generation will range in age from 52 to a nice round 70. What stereotypes do you have about this generation? Are you aging them before their time? Do you know where to find them? Are you making it easy for them to find you?

Boomers are a more vibrant, tech-savvy group than you may think. They are determined to meet aging head-on and they’re using advancements in medical technology, treatments and procedures to ensure their older years are quality years. If you want to be their healthcare provider of choice, here are some things you should know about them.

  1. There are a lot of them—75 million, give or take.
  2. Some are empty nesters, while others are raising their own children or their grandchildren. They may be helping elderly parents; they may be helping their own kids with college expenses.
  3. They’ve been described as rule-breakers who value individuality, including doing things differently than they’ve been done before.
  4. They’re in the labor force, and an increasing number of them plan to continue working past a typical retirement age. Their reasons include liking their jobs, needing the money, or continuing to fill a valuable role for their employers.
  5. Boomers have assets: 70% of the country’s disposable income—3 trillion dollars in annual spending, accounting for 40% of all U.S. spending.
  6. They subscribe to newspapers more than any other age group.
  7. On average, they watch 174 hours of television a month.
  8. Baby Boomers are the generation that created the internet and—not surprisingly—they use the internet as a source of information, communication, and entertainment. More than 80% of boomers are online, reading the news, connecting with family and friends—nearly two-thirds use Facebook—checking email, checking the weather, and doing their banking, shopping, and travel planning. And half of boomers watch videos online.
  9. Boomers are living longer—but over half have at least one chronic health condition.
  10. Boomers are interested in learning what they can do to stay healthy.
  11. Their most trusted source of health information is their doctor.

Want to know more about this generation who will affect your marketing strategy and your facilities’ bottom line for the next few decades?

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