Marsha Hystead, Partner | CCO

be excellent

In three decades of leading an agency that’s helping create a healthier world, Marsha has constantly guided the transformation of client brands and Hailey Sault itself. Sure, much has changed in our world during that time, but one thing hasn’t: Marsha’s passion for excellence—in ad creative, in marketing strategy, in the way people treat one another. Appropriately, she’s received the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal for lifetime achievement in ad excellence. From speaking at health care conferences to judging ad awards shows across the U.S., she’s in demand. Particularly at Hailey Sault, where she leads everything from the creative experience to Stand Up Branding and many a lunch hour walk.

She shares her experience and leadership on numerous nonprofit boards and volunteers in her community, getting her hands dirty in gardens and at charity tax sites alike. She’s also an animal lover who strives to be as good of a person as her dog thinks she is. Judging by the deep respect she’s garnered from humans far and wide, tail wagging is appropriate.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

Glad you asked. Here’s the story.