Lindsey Edson | Senior Content Strategist

Joyce Piispanen

live your mission

For Lindsey Edson, life is an adventure worth experiencing in new ways—yet always driven by intention. That focus on purpose-driven work has guided her exploration in literal and figurative ways. A Dairy State native, she’s traveled the world—Thailand, Sweden, Venezuela, Hungary and beyond—with a fully-loaded curiosity for tasting a place the way locals do. In Africa, that meant teaching Tanzanian children math, English and basic health skills. In the Bronx, it meant helping kids learn tennis and compassion.

Her belief in a passionate sense of purpose is on display in the work she does for Hailey Sault—whether it’s helping clients tell a better brand story or using the right channels to advocate for big brand movements. One that’s close to her heart: cultivating good food from local sources to foster healthier families and more sustainable communities.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

“I have a sweet spot for my family cabin that was built generations ago and passed down for everyone to enjoy. It’s got history and soul.”