Laurie O’Melia O’Neill, VP | Senior Strategist

Laurie O'Melia O'neill

always be amazed

A Renaissance woman and information aficionada who’s inspired by a challenge, “LOO” excels at assessing client needs and galvanizing teams to rise to the occasion. She knows the rules of the playing field, the best practices and when to push the envelope to invent new approaches for the needed results. In other words: big picture thinking meets dialed-in execution. So that the work at hand, and the relationships with clients and partners, keeps getting stronger. It’s why, when she’s not immersed in your latest project, you’ll find her diving into the latest research on everything from human behavior to crime fiction, serving on charity boards and teaching her grandkids a thing or two by the lakeside cabin.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

“I’m so lucky to have more than one. There’s my grandpa’s hunting camp: I discovered its soul-lifting qualities as a young adult. Grandpa built a summer cottage, too, and that place holds the markers of my life from the earliest years to now. It was my family’s well, so to speak, where we gathered to replenish our close ties and create new ones. The third: Lake Superior’s shore.”