Laura Smith | Accounting & Benefits Coordinator

Laura Smith

run far enough to find your second wind

Wind is what inspires Laura Smith. She sails through it every chance she gets—taking week(s)-long trips on the clear, cold water of the big lake (Superior) with her husband Ted. She runs through it when she’s training for half marathons. And she makes peace with it on the days it blows softly through the trees in her wooded yard. This quiet, organized, focused and slightly-obsessive-compulsive nature lover and avid recycler is equally inspired by detail and helping us with our questions. And thank goodness—for us—because she’s the person we count on to administer our accounts, payroll and benefits on a daily basis.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

“Lake Superior, especially a walk, run or hike at one of my favorite Lake Superior shorelines, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This lake gets into your being and it becomes hard to live without it.”