Joyce Piispanen | Proofreader

Joyce Piispanen

button up and soar

Eagle-like awareness for details, big picture sensibility and the open-winged eagerness to travel the world every chance she gets. At Hailey Sault, she’s a part-time proofreader with a full-time passion for excellence—ensuring that all manner of content is correct in every way possible, and a greeter who lends dignity to the daily grind with a warm welcome at Hailey Sault’s front door. When not at work, her other “part-time job” entails journeying to favorite locations for new tastes, sights and experiences. Be it a long weekend in Florida or an extended jaunt to France, her joy de vivre is not a bad way to fly.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

“If it’s a place, it almost certainly would have to be Paris. Or France. Or the Alps. If it’s a pursuit, it has to be travel itself: exploring new places and looking closer in familiar ones, exploring museums inside and out, and always learning, learning, learning—soaking up the feel, the look, the ambience, the sounds and the smells.”