Joe Gunderson | Director of Visual Identity

Joe Gunderson

act mindfully

Elegance. Fluidity. Vision. Joe’s the full deal, a man who’s evolving and creating faster than you can say “may I have another green smoothie, please.” He’s as eager to apply insight and passion to the next Big Idea as he is to develop the next healthy endeavor at work and in life. With his love of family, church and community, he knows people can count on him in a pinch—with an open mind and heart. When Joe’s not making art and business unfold with bountiful possibility, you may find him composting kale leftovers, coaching kids and parenting with the same dedication he puts into everything in that dogged, peaceful pursuit of excellence.

What’s his Hailey Sault?

“Generally, I love being on or around water. Specifically, on a dock off Aerie Lake, Minn. The smells of campfire and fresh cut grass. At night, the stars are brighter and the fireflies are out. The sounds of frogs, loons and fish jumping all complete the experience. Nothing’s better.”