Jake Kapsner | Senior Writer

Jake Kapsner

embrace possibility

As part of an interconnected Hailey Sault team in bold new surroundings, he does a little of everything in the creative writing sphere—striving for a 360-degree perspective with every opportunity, whether it’s campaign conception, radio production or strategic content creation. A specialist in asking “why,” he works with teams to capture potential for clients and charities using all the available tools—in a way that hits home and gets people looking for more. When not asking questions, he’s busy listening. Volunteering for soccer, school or community. And chasing his family through the woods and beaches near his Lake Superior home.

What’s his Hailey Sault?

“Lake Superior, that ever-present old soul that’s simultaneously reassuring, mysterious, comforting, unpredictable. Her shores have welcomed a lifetime of experiences and challenged me to sense the world in new and renewing ways. And more than a place, it’s a feeling: when you lose yourself by being grounded in the moment—especially with those you love.”