Diane Tobin | Creative Director

Diane Tobin

push the comfort zone

Who’s quick to sing a song lyric or rat-a-tat the boardroom table, drum kit style, at the close of a meeting? Who’s got the awards and accolades from nearly two decades of design experience to guide your project’s creative process from input to presentation? Dat’d be Di. This seasoned designer and creative director brings enthusiasm and a wicked sense of humor to nearly every project she lays her hands on. That includes volunteering her skills for local charities. And whether she’s training for a half marathon or training her daughter for a life well lived, Diane is attuned to the healthy needs of the task at hand—with a willingness to push the boundaries.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

“It’s not a destination, it’s people. Specifically, the people are my husband and little girl. Anywhere they are, that’s where I want to be.”