Denise Burgess | Senior Writer

Denise 'DBOB' Burgess

stay true

She’s keen with a phrase, diligent with a description and astute at mining for what matters—so that clients look, sound and feel true to life. Her writing builds on her genuine lifestyle, which includes everything from running and book club to reaching out a hand to friends and community causes. Just as she pursues bold concepts for clients, she pursues the next bold step in her life. Afraid of public speaking? It’s why the industry veteran joined the local Toastmasters, letting her voice be heard in another clear, true way.

What’s her Hailey Sault?

“Cross country skiing anywhere around the spectacular North Shore. Pursuing my Hailey Sault gives me perspective: I have to work to get out in it, but it rewards me with quiet and peace. It makes me think about my place in this big, beautiful planet and all that it offers me. I am conscious and in the moment when I am out on the trail.”