In the last of our four-part Patients Talk series we’d like to share how awesome your patients think you are. As you well know, the patient experience has moved to the very forefront of the healthcare discussion today. Our latest consumer behavior research, Realities in Consumer Healthcare Choice in America, was conducted to discover the factors that influence patient choice and what motivates patient switching behavior. It was done to drive high-level marketing and communication solutions for attracting and retaining patients. It was also done to provide you with insight into how to create and sustain lasting patient relationships.

In our previous three blogs we shared verbatim answers, as well as insight we received from patients that covered the deep feelings and issues that can damage relationships between providers and their patients. We revealed what patients told us patient satisfaction meant to them and why they switch providers. If you missed any of these blogs, you can read them here.

In closing this series, we’d like to leave you with some of the answers we received from over 600 patients when we asked:

Patients Talk: What has been your most profoundly positive healthcare experience?

The following answers may seem simple, but the care that was extended to these patients was profound to them.


  • A positive interaction with my doctor. Her ability to communicate and make me feel as if I am the most important person she is dealing with.
  • When I received an apology from the doctor for lack of respect and care during treatment.


  • A doctor who didn’t rush me through and listened to everything I said without minimizing or condescending my concerns.
  • A doctor who listened to my symptoms and discussed the options available.

Life Changing Care

  • A heart doctor who saved my life when I had chronic heart failure and my family doctor kept saying it was my lungs.
  • The delivery of my daughter in a high-risk pregnancy.
  • They discovered I had a heart attack in the past. So I have a different lifestyle now.
  • Watching the amount of people involved in treating my son’s cancer.
  • Working with my ENT who has gone above and beyond to sort out issues when standard treatments failed.

No Waiting/Office Staff

  • Being able to get in and out of the facility with answers.
  • Being informed of a medical condition and brought in immediately for treatment.
  • Nice people in the office.

Patients talk. Let’s keep them talking about their wonderful healthcare experiences. Most importantly, because treating people as respectfully, quickly and effectively as possible is the right thing to do. And ultimately because what your patients experience is tied to Medicare reimbursement and HCAHPS scores, as well as your reputation—and your reputation is what drives utilization.