We are excited to announce the launch of our new community outreach initiative called Hailey Sault Workshop. The goal of the initiative is to begin an intentional, ongoing process that will allow us to give back to our community in two impactful ways.

  1. Introducing students to our world

We are lucky enough to live in a thriving college town, full of creative, energetic students. Each fall and spring semester, students in business, marketing and graphic design come to us seeking internships. We want to make their experience with us as meaningful as possible. What better way to immerse them in our world than to interview them, hire them and then give them a client to work with—an organization that needs a marketing plan and creative work, but cannot afford the services of an advertising agency.

  1. Many worthy causes

We also live in a community full of exceptional nonprofits working for causes that include equal education, ending poverty and homelessness, putting a stop to domestic abuse and raising awareness for a whole host of issues affecting the community and everyone who lives here.

Each semester, Hailey Sault student interns will work together as a team—one account manager, one writer and one art director. Mentored by the account management and creative teams at Hailey Sault, students will work with one nonprofit from our community. The goal will be to create a marketing plan and sample work the nonprofit can use to further its mission. Over the course of the semester, the interns will present their work internally to Hailey Sault team members, and then to the nonprofit.

At the end of the semester, student interns will have a full, enriching intern experience and strong work to add to their portfolios. The nonprofit will have valuable tools they can use to meet their goals.

 Why do this?

Creating a healthy world means sharing what we know with others and contributing to the future of our business and our community. Hailey Sault Workshop will help prepare students for a future in marketing and communications, while helping organizations that do great work in our community.