It’s a question being asked at healthcare organizations interested in everything from patient satisfaction and population health to service line viability and the bottom line. What’s driving healthcare choice in America?

For answers, health leaders will tune into a special presentation from Hailey Sault, when partners Marsha Hystead and Susan Milne share original research insights October 27 & 28 at the 2016 Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (ISHMPR) fall conference in Galena, IL.

In assessing consumer health behavior, Hailey Sault examined the quantifiable results of 1,200 respondents in six mid-tier markets across the U.S. The presentation boils down the results into key insights, while sharing qualitative verbatim responses from the research.

“We believe that when you hear what patients from communities just like yours have to say—in their own words—and combine that with actionable data, you can begin to be an agent of change not just for your organization, but your community,” says Hystead, chief creative officer. “The issues we’re talking about affect whether your customers stay or leave, how they use services, and ultimately, their health.”

ABOUT HAILEY SAULT: In business for 40 years, Hailey Sault specializes in healthcare and cause-related marketing communications. Its aim is to improve lives and create a healthier world. Its clients include challenger hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as nonprofits leading the transformation of health and healthcare in America.

CONTACT: For further information, contact: Marsha Hystead, partner & chief creative officer, Hailey Sault, at (218) 728-3653 or