As patients become more responsible health care consumers, they are increasingly willing to seek alternatives to their current provider. Who are these patients? What triggers their switching behavior? And what can we do to retain them?

For answers, health leaders and marketing specialists will tune in to a workshop led by Marsha Hystead and Susan Milne from Hailey Sault, and Kevin Stranberg, Director of Strategy and Patient Experience at Memorial Medical Center, on September 24th at the 2017 Society For Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) conference in Orlando, Florida.

At the workshop, they will share new, groundbreaking research to uncover why patients either come to, or leave your health care organization, by examining the quantifiable results of 1,110 respondents in three markets across the U.S. The presentation boils down the results into key insights, while sharing qualitative verbatim responses from the research.

Finally, attendees will learn interviewing and listening techniques that will allow organizations to bring findings to life in a way that is meaningful for leadership. Combined with actionable data, when a hospital begins to really hear what patients have to say in communities it inspires change in the organization. The issues affect whether a patient stays or leaves and how they use services.

Why do patients switch providers?

Are you curious to know why patients switch? In fact, 1 in 5 patients are considering switching health care providers because of two main reasons, the desire for more cost transparency and compassionate care. Can’t make the workshop? Connect with us to learn more about our exclusive patient research.


About Hailey Sault

In business for over 40 years, Hailey Sault specializes in health care and cause-related marketing communications. Its aim is to improve lives and create a healthier world. Its clients include challenger hospitals and health care facilities, as well as nonprofits leading the transformation of health and health care in America.

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