What’s it like to work for a company that’s made OUTSIDE Magazine’s Best Places to Work list two years in a row? More importantly, why should anyone outside of our offices—especially our clients—care?

For me personally, it boils down to this. There is a respect here for stepping out of your comfort zone, for caring for your body and your mind, for involving yourself in the health of the community and appreciating the world and our environment at large. All of this makes it possible for me to expect the most out of myself.

As I step into the office each day I know that I’m going to work hard with a team of people that will allow me to push the limits of my abilities and my creativity. I also know that as I do this I can trust that team to accept me as I explore, discover, test and refine until what goes to our client is the very best work we as a group can produce.

There is an openness here and that openness translates into great work. Work that sometimes blows our clients away. Work like that can only be produced in a culture like ours.

I also know I am going to have fun. I’m going to get out for a walk at lunch, listen to some good music, be able to pet one of the dogs someone has brought in. Laugh a lot and share a lot. I’m going to enjoy a workout with our personal trainer, maybe play some pingpong or help with a jigsaw puzzle. And on Friday, I’m going to share a glass of wine or a beer with officemates I truly care about before heading out for the weekend.

I know the fun, the respect and the trust is felt by most of the clients we work with. Our company mission is to create a healthier world with our clients and that world starts with us. We care. A lot. And that care makes this one of the best places to work.

OUTSIDE evaluates each company by combining an employee survey with an appraisal of each company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics. This year, Hailey Sault moved up in the rankings from #15 to #13. We’re just one of three Minnesota companies recognized in 2018. We celebrated by having a little fun hamming it up in an office space we created on the shores of Lake Superior.



What’s it like to work here and why should clients care? It’s a great adventure that creates fantastic work for good clients whose mission it is to care for the health of the people of this world. What could be better than that?