At the inaugural Believe in Better Project conference in 2018, we brought together people from around the country who are working on issues surrounding health care—specifically issues that addressed how health care is broken in many ways for so many people.  

We invite you to view videos from the inspiring and passionate speakers who shared their vision and worked with us.

Introducing the first speaker in our series: Stephanie Stillwell.


{Sharing a model designed to tackle the opioid epidemic}

Stephanie lives in Homer, Alaska and is a registered nurse with the Ninilchik Traditional Council Community Clinic. She is also a community outreach director for GSquared—a collaborative with a mission to bring problem solving to community, agency and logistical challenges in Alaska.

Stephanie’s passion for making a difference in the community has led to her collaborative work on a model that has had success in addressing opioid use disorder in Homer and the surrounding area.

The model invites everyone affected by the crisis to become an active part of the solution. Watch as Stephanie shares the amazing things that can happen when you create a model unique to a location and give those involved a strong voice.


  • How a community can begin to heal itself
  • A model for community involvement that involves eight dimensions of health
  • How the model was adapted for the unique community of Homer, Alaska
  • How the model continues to evolve

Join us for The Believe in Better 2019

As we launch The Believe in Better Project 2019, our goal remains the same: to fix problems in U.S. health care by bravely tackling tough topics. And that starts with sharing ideas and conversations to begin igniting transformation.