In October of 2018, we hosted The Believe in Better Project—an inaugural two-day event focused on fixing what we believe is our broken health care system.

We gathered change agents and experts from around the country together to share their insight, their solutions and their work with us. Our goal was to begin the transformation process and help vision better health care in our country.

Our work has just begun

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, October 16, and Thursday, October 17, for The Believe in Better Project 2019. It’s a chance to consider perspectives and discuss ideas. Listen and experience. This is about each of us in health care—from caregiving and administration to finance and marketing, government and insurance—joining the conversation, refining it and expanding it.

See what believing in better is all about, view videos of the exceptional speakers we hosted in 2018.

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann takes us on a journey to understand how the ancient healing arts can play a role in fixing what’s broken in health care today.

Sarah believes that the key to resolving our nation’s health care crisis is within each of us. She began her career as a board certified physician specializing in surgical pathology until a walrus entered her life and shifted her reality from physician to healer. She has trained at the Martha Beck Institute and Michael Hamer’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She is the author of two books, Swimming with Elephants and The Book of Beasties: Your A-Z Guide for the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals.

Learn how Sarah transitioned from a fascination with hunting for disease to a healer with an obsession for creating health in her Believe in Better Project video and her follow up Q & A Session.


  • How Sarah’s journey led her to the ancient art and belief that wild spirit animals can guide, empower and protect us
  • How she infuses her beliefs into her healing practice
  • Her vision for the future of health care

Return to The Believe in Better Project site soon for information about the visionary speakers who will be joining us this year.