For two days last October we hosted The Believe in Better Project. Our purpose was to start fixing what we believe is our broken health care system. Our goal was to gather together a handful of experts in their field from around the country to share their work and passion around fixing health care.

Each presentation was recorded, and we invite you to view videos we created of our inspiring speakers as they share their important work.

Hear Philip Kurtz, CEO of CareATC, discuss how his company is on a mission to reduce health care costs in America by 50%.

Philip believes better information leads to better prevention and better outcomes for people at risk of developing chronic diseases. Through a unique model that includes rich data gathering and artificial intelligence, CareATC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is able to identify and begin treating people before they develop a chronic condition or worse, have a health crisis.


  • How the rising cost of health care is preventing people from seeking the care they need before illness develops
  • How we are ignoring the pandemic of obesity and diabetes in our country
  • Statistics revealing that the majority of our health care costs can be attributed to preventable, treatable chronic disease
  • Three proven steps to reducing health care costs and how CareATC is putting them to work today

See Philip’s presentation and take in his follow-up Q & A Session. Explore additional videos from our inspirational lineup of speakers. 

Return to The Believe in Better Project site soon for news about this year’s speakers and plan to join us Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17 at the 2019 conference in Duluth, Minnesota.