This coming October, health care change agents and experts from around the country will be gathering for an event like no other—The Believe in Better Project 2019. It will take place next to the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17. The purpose of this gathering is to begin the work of fixing what we believe to be our broken health care system.   

We invite you to join us  

Fixing our health care system is a huge task, filled with complexities that humble us at every turn. These two days are dedicated to hope and finding solutions that work for everyone, including and especially those who are most vulnerable. We promise that you’ll be inspired by the innovative thinking, the bold solutions and the compassionate approaches that our speakers are implementing right now.

Until we meet

See what believing in better is all about:

  • View videos from the exceptional speakers we hosted at our inaugural 2018 The Believe in Better Project.
  • Listen to podcasts from professionals diligently working to make a difference right now.

Is gender real? Jay Pryor shares a story of transformation and thinking about gender.

When Jay Pryor of Jay Pryor Consulting talks about doing the work needed to create a happier life you listen, because the voice of experience is speaking. At the age of 34, Jay—who was born female—transitioned in order to become a happier human being.

Today, Jay advocates for young trans people and works with women to find their personal power. Watch Jay’s The Believe in Better Project video and Q & A Session to learn why Jay believes gender isn’t real. Hear what Jay says needs to be done to end health care discrimination for trans people.


  • The difference between sex and gender and what it means to be gender conscious.
  • How to start having a conversation about eliminating gender.
  • What the medical community can do to advocate for trans people.

Return to The Believe in Better Project site soon for information about the visionary speakers who will be joining us this October.