I am excited to announce that Stephen Moegling has joined the Hailey Sault team.

Stephen is considered a “Who’s Who” of health care marketing. He has been awarded Health Care Communicator of the Year, is a frequent contributor to the leading industry publications and is faculty on the most prestigious health care marketing conferences in our industry. Stephen’s thought leadership on trends and opportunities impacting health brands has been read and shared by people in over 35 countries. His strategies have helped his clients generate almost one billion dollars of revenue.

Stephen will lead our efforts in growing our reach and impact across the country. We’ve always believed in contributing insights and ideas to help our colleagues. Stephen will help us bring even more value to the marketplace with thought leadership. 

Stephen created this short video to share why he joined the Hailey Sault team.   

In the coming weeks, Stephen will be contributing to our content and resources, so look out for emails when new items are published.

In the meantime, drop Stephen a line at smoegling@haileysault.com. You can also visit his Medium channel to read more about his decision to join Hailey Sault and where he believes the future of health care marketing is headed.

2017 has been an incredible year for Hailey Sault.

Earlier this summer, we rebranded our firm to better reflect who we are and where we’re headed. Hailey Sault is creating a movement for the better, working for and with people who believe in better.

We recently announced that Hailey Sault was named one of the best places to work in the country by Outside magazine.

Marsha and I are proud, grateful and humbled by our teammates and clients. We’re excited to have Stephen on our team, which is one more example of our dedication to making Hailey Sault the destination for brands that believe in better.

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