What’s the sound of better thinking for health care delivery? Have a listen

With our new Believe in Better Podcast, Hailey Sault grabbed the mic to pursue a series of conversations with bold, insightful thinkers from across the American healthcare landscape. 

The conversation started in October 2018, when Hailey Sault hosted a two-day conference called The Believe in Better Project to encourage more innovative thinking in the healthcare industry. In an intimate environment, speakers and attendees shared insights and practical solutions, new approaches and inspiring stories. We heard from people experienced in life and the delivery, marketing, finance, governance and administration of healthcare. People who overcame adversity to make a healthy difference. Because they believed in better.

[Learn how to attend the 2nd annual Believe in Better Project in October 2019.]

We wished that everyone who cares deeply about the current state of health care could have attended. So we started a podcast to keep the conversation alive. Because we believe there’s got to be a better way. 

You’ll find hosts, Mike Seyfer and Laurie O’Melia O’Neill, discussing topics like how patients really experience care and why hospital culture improvements for caregivers—including doctors—delivers better outcomes for everyone. They’ll talk about customizing community solutions for the opioid crisis. And they’ll dish with some of the nation’s leading minds about shaking up the status quo.  

Listen to podcast episodes here, including: 

Intro: How to Fix Healthcare in America 

Episode 1: How Patients Experience Their Care—with Kevin Stranberg

Episode 2: Opioid abuse and why every community must craft its own unique response—with Gary Olson

We hope you’ll listen in and join the conversation. Please tell what you think and, if you feel this is worthwhile like we do, share with friends and colleagues. 

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