Do you believe health care can be better? Better for patients? Better for those who work in health care? Better for your pocketbook? Better for caring for everyone? Treating the whole person? Treating the root cause, and not just the symptoms?


We at Hailey Sault believe in better for health care. That’s why we hosted the first annual Believe in Better Project on October 16–17, 2018, a two-day event that celebrated innovation, transformation, compassion and breakthroughs in health care.

We were joined by nine amazing speakers who shared what they believe better health care can and should be, and what they are doing every day to make that vision of better come true.

2018 BIB Speakers Photo

This was a true “passion project” for Hailey Sault, a strategic marketing and branding firm that works with health care brands, innovative startups, and cause-driven organizations in pursuit of the greater good.

Our teammates from our New York, Twin Cities and Richmond offices joined the team at the home office in Duluth, Minnesota to host the event. The speakers inspired and encouraged brave, better thinking, along with practical actions to make a difference. We designed the event so that the speakers and attendees could collaborate in real time: rich Q&A’s after the speeches, during lunch and outdoors. Outdoor magazine calls Duluth “Best Town Ever,” so we made sure our guests had the chance to experience the beautiful fall weather with outdoor hikes and lake walks.

Beyond the amazing speeches and sharing of ideas for better health care, perhaps one of the best outcomes was the sense of community created at the event. Physicians, board members, CEOs, executive leaders, government officials, policymakers and patients collaborated, communed and connected with one another against shared goals and purpose.

We’re planning the Believe in Better Project 2019 now. Visit our site and let us know if you want to join us—as a speaker, as an attendee. Thanks to the generosity of our speakers, we’re able to keep ticket prices low. But there is a non-financial price to be paid for joining us: a belief that better is possible, and that you’re called to make the better tomorrow a reality.