This week a new president will be sworn into office and with him the promise to make sweeping changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The words “repeal” and “replace” touted throughout the campaign are about to become reality and what that will mean to hospitals, healthcare systems and the patients they serve is causing widespread concern.

For the past eight years hospitals and healthcare systems have restructured themselves to assure that as many people as possible get healthy and stay healthy at the lowest possible cost. Safety-net hospitals have been able to serve patients regardless of their ability to pay. Many patients have been able to enjoy the benefits of being insured for the first time—changing the way they seek care.

There is a feeling that the way healthcare is delivered in this country is going to be pulled out from under us. People throughout the healthcare continuum from administrators to patients are afraid. We are afraid too.

Our purpose as an agency is to create a healthier world. The hospitals and healthcare systems that are our partners are doing the hard work of helping people become healthy and remain as healthy as possible. We believe the quality healthcare they deliver is a human right. During this uncertain and challenging time we will be doing everything we can to help our clients inform, educate, and reassure (if possible) the people they serve through the changes that are coming.

The path forward is undefined, but what is defined is that we will be fighting alongside you to safeguard your strength and your ability to continue to provide the quality care you have been delivering for the past eight years.

Hear what patients think about the state of health, and healthcare, in the U.S. today.