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With the COVID-19 crisis, many health care marketers are now finding themselves working remotely for the first time. Our firm hosted a webinar event to share tips on how to work well remotely. The following are 15 tips to help you thrive in your new work-from-home environment. 

The webinar is part of our weekly “Campfire Session” series, which we’re hosting every Friday for the foreseeable future. We want to help our colleagues with the ideas, insights, and strategies to manage the COVID-19 crisis. Make sure to subscribe to our updates to receive information on future Campfire Sessions and other resources to help your work and career.


15 Tips for Working Well At Home


1. Dress like you’re going to the office. 

Dressing for your day helps you get into the right mindset for the workday ahead. Though many Hailey Sault colleagues say that dressing for the office from the waist up (for Zoom videos) is the way to go. Yoga bottoms rule!

2. Time-block your calendar.

Maintain ownership of your calendar by blocking time to complete larger tasks. It’s easy for your calendar to fill with meeting after meeting. Use the time working remotely to block off time to work focused and uninterrupted. 

3. Use the start and end of your day for personal tasks or relaxation time.

Without a proper “commute,” you may find yourself not mentally preparing for the day or closing out the day to turn off the “office” brain. Give yourself permission to recharge your mental batteries.

4. Do 90-minute work sprints followed by 20 minutes of “recharge” time.

Our brains can work optimally for 90 minutes, then need 20 minutes of downtime to “recharge.” Avoid burnout by taking 20-minute breaks after extended work periods.

5. Designate one space for your office. 

Working from home requires creating boundaries. Marsha, a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Hailey Sault, suggests choosing one dedicated space to make your office if you don’t already have one. This helps you create boundaries from turning every room in your house as a place where you’re always thinking about your work. 

6. Be compassionate to yourself.

It can be hard adjusting to working at home, especially if you have young children or other challenges. This is not the time to try to be Super Mom or Super Dad. Give yourself grace and compassion if you’re not immediately “nailing” the work-from-home thing.

7. Practice patience.

Working remotely means you can’t easily walk over to a colleague’s desk to check the status of a project. This can test your patience if a colleague isn’t getting back to you via email, phone or text. Things might take longer than you’d like and people might take longer to get back to you. Practice patience. It will benefit you and your colleagues!

8. Emotional proofreading.

Before pushing Send on that email, proofread your email to see if your tone is curt or kind. These days, we can all use a bit more kindness. Make it a point to thank your colleagues and others and show them you care.

9. Hold an all-team video chat every morning at the same time.

We began doing this at Hailey Sault, when we all began working remotely to practice safe social distancing. It’s been an incredible resource for everyone to share their big goals and to-do’s for the day and to check to see if anyone needs help or support. Plus, it’s great to see your colleagues’ faces.

10. Start taking your lunch hour!

Many of us work through lunch. Now is a great time to get into the habit of using your lunch hour. Enjoy your lunch, take a beat from work and return to your workspace refreshed.

11. Video chat with your co-workers throughout the day. 

Phone, email, and text are great, but in the absence of working side by side with colleagues, human connection is essential. We use Google Hangouts for our video check-ins and love it. 

12. Invest in project management software.

If you and your team aren’t using project management software now, it’s a good time to invest in some. It really helps to keep remote teammates on the same page.

13. Invest in noise-canceling headphones.

If you have kids or pets or partners in the house, turning on good music with noise-canceling functionality helps you to focus and tune out distractions.

14. Work on career-booster projects. 

You know all those projects you never get to because you never have the time? Well, now’s the time to grab those “Someday” folders and get to work! Leverage your time and work on those projects that will help your career and your organization.

15. Celebrate with your team at the end of the week. 

Thanks to Denise, one of our writers, we began doing virtual “happy hours” on Friday afternoons. It’s a time for our team to join a video call and celebrate getting through another week together. We usually spend 15–30 minutes checking in with each other, sharing successes, and sometimes commiserating over the inevitable challenges that COVID-19 and work, in general, bring. 

Want more tips on how to work well remotely? Marsha wrote an article with the best insights she learned after her first full week working remotely. Click here to read Marsha’s article!

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