Hello, our name is Hay-lee-soo.

So, what’s the story behind our new name? How did we move from HTK Marketing to Hailey Sault?  A few months ago my partner in business, Mike Seyfer, sent me a text.

Mike: “What’s your favorite place in the world?” 

Me: “Sault, France. Why do you ask? What’s your favorite place?”

Mike: “Mine’s Hailey, Idaho. That’s our new name—Hailey Sault.”

And so it was. After over a year or more of trying to find an authentic name for this business we had ventured into together, we had a new name—Hailey Sault (pronounced Hay-Lee Soo). It is a combination of our two favorite places in the world: Hailey, Idaho and Sault, France. Each is a place with deep emotional meaning to us and a place that inspires us to return. We both see our business as equally inspirational.

Hailey, Idaho

Here’s what Mike says about Hailey, Idaho.

“I love Hailey because it’s the place we’re most complete as a family. We spend more time outside. We eat better. We live better. The distractions of everyday life are stripped away and we are just a family in maybe the most ideal sense.

Our family dynamic is framed by beautiful mountains, skiing, hiking, biking, skating and other outdoor pursuits. In the morning, the Pioneer Mountains become slowly basked by the rising sun. And in the evenings, they turn purple with dusk. Up the valley are pine forests and fields of green, all leading to Sawtooth Mountains just beyond.

The air is as clear as any other place I’ve been. Warm and dry in the day. Cold and fresh at night. You pretty much want to breathe it all in.

Every time we arrive in Hailey, by car or plane, I’m instantly calm. Everything moves in ‘Valley Time’ with no real rush. Things tend to find their natural resolution, and it’s generally good.”

Sault, France

Sault, France, in the heart of the Provence region, is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

I’ve actually only spent a total of about one hour in this beautiful little village in the French Alps.

Most of my adult life I dreamed of seeing the lavender fields blooming in France. I’m a gardener and I’d seen the pictures. I wanted to see and smell and experience the dark purple color and the amazing fragrance of the lavender.

So, my husband, Tom, and I traveled there for our 25th wedding anniversary. Along with us on the trip were our son, Peter, and our daughter, Lauren.  To reach the lavender, we drove to the top of Mount Ventoux in the French Alps and then just over the top to the other side. Below us was the deepest purple blue you can ever imagine. Field after field of blooming lavender. Indescribably beautiful.

We traveled just down the road to the sweet village of Sault (Soo), where we bought wine, cheese, bread and fruit. Back we went to sit on top of a cliff, overlooking the lavender. We watched the French farmers harvest their fields. That moment was magical. And to be there with the three most important people in my life, experiencing it together, made it my “Hailey Sault.” 

Where we came from

Before I say more about what’s to come, I want to acknowledge the incredible 42-year legacy of the advertising agency founded by Howard Klatzky. The thinking and creativity generated by this company has led businesses large and small, near and far, to health and prosperity. Equally important, a spirit of volunteerism, community engagement, and generosity has been a hallmark of HTK’s culture since its inception, and has had an equally profound impact on our region. These qualities will always be a part of who we are.

Where we’re going

Welcome to this new pursuit. A new name for a great company. The next chapter for HTK Marketing Communications. The beginning of a movement for the better. Better work. Better lives. A better world.

For each of us, there’s a journey worth taking. To reach a more fulfilling destination—as an individual or organization. It’s essential to take stock of your values and purpose, assess where you’ve been and envision exactly where you want to go. That’s what we’ve done.

We hope that each person who comes into contact with Hailey Sault sees the path to their ideal destination—personal, professional or otherwise—more clearly. Our promise to you is to give all we have to help you realize your aspirations.

So, imagine a place where your soul is soothed and your spirit comes alive. More than a place it’s an experience. That’s the heart and soul of Hailey Sault.

What’s your Hailey Sault?