Extending your brand’s reach online is one of the most powerful ways to resonate with today’s healthcare consumer.  Establishing a brand presence across multiple digital platforms allows you to essentially meet patients where they spend their time. And when you care enough to meet them where they are, they may care enough to choose you as their healthcare provider.

Three Ways To Build Your Brand Online
  1. Online advertising creates an opportunity for you to focus on audience personas. Building an audience and retargeting specific messages can increase relevancy and recall. Multiple versions of creative across mobile, desktop and social can keep your message in front of your healthcare consumers.
  1. Retargeted ads even when they are not clicked can provide brand lift and can increase branded search. Retargeting specific copy to patient segments in addition to regular television, radio and outdoor campaigns can increase brand awareness.
  1. Targeting persona audiences through digital is efficient. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer robust targeting options that can be purchased allowing the right message to reach the right target audience for as low as .03 cents per view. Traditionally a video view is worth half that of a “click,” but the price to achieve that view currently is cost effective and allows you to measure specific actions that can be significantly higher than stand-alone display advertising.

Digital marketing done well builds relationships, trust and ultimately loyalty.  Don’t stop with engagement: intensify your online branding and start measuring your success.